Snowflakes Up Close and Personal

Being from California, I’m obsessed with all things winter.  Snowflakes, snowmen, leafless trees, piles of leaves, cold noses, hot chocolate, all of it!  So when I saw these images of ...

The List: Swackett

So added to the list of my absolute favorite things is this iPhone/computer weather app called Swackett. I can get the weather anywhere, but Swackett is amazing for a completely ...

Confessions of a Pillow Snob

Just to be clear, I don’t consider myself to be a “snob” in general – only about specific things – like pillows.  I just discovered this snobbery of mine when ...


The Biscuit Method: Folding

When I first learned to make biscuits, I was told to be ...

Worst Food Ever: Meat Glue

Uggh.  This is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of, ...

Fluffy Homemade Clover Rolls

This recipe is courtesy of my beautiful, talented, and otherwise amazing cousin ...

How to Crack an Egg

Since I’ve been cooking a lot lately, I thought I’d share a ...

Kitchen Gloves That Make Washing Dishes Almost Cute

I love pretty dish gloves!  I don’t care how often I get ...

What Is A Hardiness Zone?

Hardiness zones represent the various climates and growing conditions throughout the United ...

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Cute Baby Animal of the Day: Hippo!

Some of the funniest looking animals make the cutest babies.  Maybe it’s because they’re sooo ugly that the baby version is automatically cuter since it’s a miniaturized version.  Either way, this baby hippo’s sliminess is exactly what makes me love it…that and the fact that it doesn’t have big ugly teeth yet…I’m just saying…

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

These are cupcakes that I had been wanting to make for weeks and finally did it! So check out the steps.  Enjoy!!

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Made Too Many Biscuits/Waffles? Freeze Them!

So this post is my tribute to the freezer.  My freezer used to only hold frozen pizzas, frozen veggies, and anything else that came from the supermarket freezer and was plopped directly into mine.  Well, the freezer is good for so much more than that!! If you’re baking and made too much food, your freezer [...]

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5 Phases of Coffee Intake

Coffee people, here’s another fix from The Oatmeal (Matthew Inman).  Check it out, y’all!!

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Getting (The Entire Family) Organized

My cousin shared this really cool organizer with me, so I’m sharing it with you!  It’s unique because it allows you to organize your entire family at one time.  You just write each person’s name and tasks in their column to cross-check everyone’s schedules. First of all, they’re pretty! And if you want to buy [...]

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The Cutest Cupcakes (Because It’s My Birthday!)

In honor of my birthday, I decided to scour the web for the cutest cupcakes I could find.  Almost all of these are by other bloggers with recipes and instructions! So let the cuteness begin!

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For Cupcake Lovers: The Cupcake Sandwich

I love web comics.  Since it’s birthday week, I had to feature this one by Rosscott.

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Painting 101: Picking Paint

Picking paint seems like it should be easy, but it’s surprisingly difficult.  You have to pick the brand, the sheen, the color, whether you want to paint the entire room or simply an accent wall, whether you want to do two contrasting colors.  There’s a lot! So since I’ll be painting my living room soon, [...]

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Granita (When Snowcone Meets Sorbet)

The LA Times has this great article on granita, a traditional Italian dessert that is amazingly easy to make.  You can make by freezing any beverage you like and scraping it every thirty minutes or so to create texture.  It’s perfect for a healthy snack.  Try making it with iced coffee and fruit juices.  If [...]

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It’s the Small Milestones!

As a new blog, I’m happy to celebrate any and all milestones that happen across this humble blog I lovingly named ModernVita.  And so I just had to share my excitement that featured my “baby” on their page and commemorate it with a blog post so I won’t forget.  Now I shall stand up [...]

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My Living Room: From Bare to [Insert Color Here]

No, I didn’t leave anything out of the title.  I have been living in my condo for a few years now and still haven’t painted!  Well it’s definitely time.  My living room will soon undergo a change from a weird beige to blue? teal? green? I can’t decide.  So currently, my wall looks a little [...]

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From the Web: Is the Coffee Buzz Actually Real?

Based on a study by the University of East London, HuffPost asks the question of whether the coffee buzz we experience is real or if we only experience it because we’re expecting it.  Hmm!?  Being an admitted coffee addict lover, I think there’s a little more to the coffee high buzz than just the placebo effect.  The [...]

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From the Web: 15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee

If you’re coffee obsessed like me, then you’ll love this comic about coffee.  And if you haven’t discovered The Oatmeal yet, the moment you do (which may be right now) be prepared to be on there for at least an hour checking out the hilarious comics by Matthew Inman.

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Make your Sponge Last Longer

This might be a silly thing, but I’ve been thinking about sponges today.  Perhaps it’s because I just made a fabulous list about dish gloves and was thinking about how gross sponges are.  Anywo, you may already be doing this, but my mom taught me how to make the sponges last longer and I just [...]

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The 60-30-10 Rule

The 60-30-10 Rule is used in decorating to help you create the perfect balance between colors and themes within a space. 60 – The primary color.  The primary color can be the big things such as walls, large furniture, and floor rugs.  This is the color that is the most prominent. 30 – The secondary [...]

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Sprite Keeps Flowers Fresh Longer

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Rose Parade that comes along every New Year’s Day, but I used to live in the beautiful City of Roses.  The parade has dozens of floats that are covered in nothing but organic material (organic as in living things, not the food categorization).  The flowers are put [...]

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How to Prevent Brown Sugar from Drying Out

Anyone who loves brown sugar or grew up with it around the house knows that brown sugar has a tendency to dry out and become a hard, brittle substance that is impossible to deal with. So what do you do? Keep it Airtight – To prevent your brown sugar from drying out in the first [...]

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From the Web: Dishwasher Salmon Recipe

There are some things I just couldn’t make up myself.  Bob Blumer created a recipe for cooking a whole salmon inside of your dishwasher.  I highly doubt I would ever do this, but check it out for yourself on RealSimple and tell me what you think!

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Agave Nectar – Sweeter than Honey

I first discovered agave nectar while doing the Daniel Fast (pretty much a vegan fast) during Lent.  But beyond simply cutting out all meat and dairy products, I also had to cut out refined sugars and flours, making my food tasteless and disgusting aka I was miserable. But out of the misery came a shining [...]

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6 Reasons to Cook From Scratch

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